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We take over the whole process of selling an apartment - we help to work with the price and sell the apartment profitably.

As soon as you click the check mark, your ad and everything you have filled out will be automatically saved and we will contact you.

The specialist will conclude a contract, take photos and 3D shooting - we take a fixed commission (1% of the sale price) only from the owner (seller), this will attract more buyers for your apartment and sell it faster.

Next, your ad goes into advertising, we hold visitings, where it is required, we connect consultations of designers and technical staff so that the process of choosing an apartment is faster and easier and you spend less time on unnecessary meetings, as well as draw up a contract, schedule a meeting with a notary.

We stay in touch with you further and help to renew service contracts for future buyers and correctly transfer the apartment.


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More about the service

Professional high-quality photos of your house are the most affordable way to show your interior or building.

The presence of large-format photos automatically increases the trust of your customers, and if for some reason you do not use high-quality images, then you automatically lag behind competitors.

You will get at least 10 photos of your home and building from different angles. The number of photos can vary greatly depending on the size of the room.

The cost for objects up to 100 square meters is 10,000 drams, more than 100 square meters - 20,000 thousand drams.

More about the service

We will attach a link to your ad, thereby increasing the quality of your ad and responses of really interested customers;

You will receive:

1) 3D shooting of the object, with all its important parts and navigation on it.

2) High-quality photos of your object with all rooms.

Prices depend on the size of your place (apartment, house, etc):

Up to 100 m2 - 40,000 drams

From 100 to 200 m2 - 40,000 + 400 drams for each additional square meter

From 200 m2 and further - 80,000 + 250 drams for each additional square meter

You may need the cleaning service – it may affect the efficiency of the realization of your property.


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