User agreement

User Agreement

Becoming a user of , you accept the terms of this user agreement.

By placing your ad, you are fully responsible for its content and for the possible consequences of its publication. We reserve the right not to publish or remove ads with inappropriate content.

Rights and obligations of the parties

Any information and materials contained on the website protected by copyright and are the property of or the person directly posting the information. You may not copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, borrow, store, transmit or use any part of the site and the information posted on it.

Using the services of , you confirm that you are solely responsible for the content of the ads posted by you, and also have all the necessary rights, licenses, permissions to place information in the ad, including without limitation all patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights, or have the appropriate written consent, license or permission all persons and companies identified in the ad to use their names or images.

If you report to incorrect contact information or use the site under a false name, we reserve the right to transfer your data to the aggrieved party only in accordance with applicable law.

You undertake to:

●  Do not take any actions that may lead to a disproportionately large load on the site infrastructure;

●  Do not use automatic programs to gain access to the site;

●  Not to interfere or attempt to interfere with the work and other activities on the site; as well as not to interfere with the operation of automatic systems or processes;

●  Not to use the information provided by other users for purposes other than to make a transaction directly with this user;

●  Not to discuss the actions of the moderators and the site administration in any other way, except through electronic correspondence with the moderators;

●  Do not use user names similar to the names of other users in order to impersonate them and write messages on their behalf. undertakes to make every effort to properly fulfill its obligations under this agreement, including the normal operation of the site services and non-disclosure to third parties of personal data provided by the user, except as provided by law. may periodically set restrictions on the use of the site's services, in particular, the maximum number of days of storage of ads and their size. has the right to change the operation of the services or parts thereof at any time without prior notice, without incurring responsibility for such changes.

To maintain the high quality of their services, reserves the right to limit the number of active ads of the user, as well as to limit the user's actions on . may prohibit the user from accessing the sites if the user violates the terms of this agreement. reserves the right to delete or disable the user's account at any time, as well as to delete all the user's posted ads, leaving the user's prior notification of such disconnection at its discretion, and without incurring responsibility for its actions to the user and third parties.

Administration of reserves the right at any time to require the user to confirm the data specified by him during registration or in the announcement, and in this regard to request supporting documents (in particular, copies of identity documents), not providing which, at the discretion of the user, may be equated to providing false information. If the user's data specified in the documents provided by him does not correspond to the data specified during registration or in the ad, as well as in the case when the data specified during registration or in the ad does not allow identifying the user, has the right to refuse the user access to the use of the site's services with prior notification of the user or without one.

The user has the right to send complaints about the operation of the site through the feedback form, which will be considered within three working days from the moment of their receipt or from the moment of receiving full information on the essence of the complaint.

As a condition of your use of the site, you agree:

Do not violate the rules for publishing ads.

Do not publish or transmit any illegal, threatening, offensive, defamatory or obscene information or materials that violate or infringe on the rights of another person, as well as provoke criminal behavior, public disorder or violation of existing law.

Do not publish or transmit materials that violate or infringe on the rights of another person, materials that violate copyright, trademark, or any other proprietary right, as well as borrow materials, without the prior consent of the rightful owner or the appropriate representative.

Do not publish offers containing information about illegal activities, services and goods. This includes pyramid schemes, network marketing, stolen/pirated materials, drugs, dangerous chemicals, weapons, stolen goods.

Do not publish or transmit any materials containing viruses and other destructive elements.

Do not upload any file published by another user, being aware or assuming that distributing this file in this way is illegal.

Limitation of liability

Using the services of , the user confirms his consent that he uses the site and its services at his own risk, assesses and bears all risks associated with the use of ads posted on the site, and the site, including its management, employees and agents, do not bear any responsibility for the content of the posted on the site of ads, for any losses and losses resulting from the use of ads posted on the site. is not the organizer / initiator of the transaction between users or its party. The website is a communication platform that allows users to place, sell and purchase legally permitted goods and services at any time, from anywhere and at any price. cannot control the accuracy of the information posted by users in ads and is not responsible for any damage caused as a result of the transaction or improper behavior of any of the parties to the transaction. is not responsible for the behavior of users or for the goods/services offered by them indicated in the placed ads. All disputes and conflicts between users are resolved by them independently without involving the site.

The quality, safety, legality and compliance of the product or service with their description, as well as the user's ability to sell or purchase the product/service are beyond the control of the site.

The user cannot conclude that the offer, sale and purchase of any product or service is valid and legal based on the fact of placement, sale and purchase of goods or services on the site. The site is not responsible for the completion of the transaction and the user assumes full responsibility for his actions.

The information provided on this website can only be used for informative purposes. is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of the information provided. We also do not assume responsibility for those parts of the content whose authenticity has not been confirmed.

Under no circumstances do we accept any responsibility for posting illegal, threatening, offensive, defamatory or obscene information or materials that violate or infringe on the rights of any person, as well as provoking criminal behavior, public disorder or violation of existing law.

Under no circumstances do we accept any responsibility for material damage caused, as well as for loss of data or rights to use the site caused by malfunctions when using or viewing the site and its content. The information on the site is subject to updating, and may become outdated at any time. The site may contain technical inaccuracies and typos. We are not responsible for updating, as well as for the inability to update the stored information. contains links to websites maintained by third parties. Such sites are not subject to our control, and we are not responsible for the content (including the accuracy, legality or propriety) of any submitted site or links posted on this site. Links to sites are placed on only for the convenience of users, which does not imply that their content is approved by . We are not responsible for the copyright of any site linked to on . does not guarantee the absence of problems and errors during the operation of the site, as well as that the problems will be eliminated. You also understand that we cannot guarantee the absence of viruses or other destructive elements downloaded through the website or delivered via email. You are fully responsible for checking for errors in the data you enter and output, as well as for maintaining and timely updating the means to recover lost data unrelated to the site.

Term of the agreement

This user agreement comes into force from the moment the user starts using any service of the site or from the moment the user registers on the site and is valid indefinitely.

The user has the right to terminate his registration on the site unilaterally, without prior notice to the administration and without explanation.

If the user does not agree with the rules for publishing ads or this user agreement, he is obliged to stop using the services of . The fact of non-termination of the use of the site is a confirmation of the user's consent.